HMGP Racing (formerly Historic Moto Gran Prix) is collector organization led by former AMA Pro racer Bill Brown. It is designed as an alternate venue for acknowledged classics like Manx Nortons and air-cooled TD Yamahas, and is also looking to draw more recent "classic" racers including the likes of the legendary two-strokes of the 1970s and the AMA four-stroke superbikes of the 1980s and 1990s.  Privateer and replica racer models are highly encouraged to attend.  HMGP is the perfect place to share motorsports history with other enthusiasts and display the bikes in the proper setting; at speed on the race track.  

           HMGP typically sponsors exhibits for classic racers, some at motorcycle shows and others at race tracks so the bikes can be ridden.  HMGP usually hosts an event or two each year in conjunction with AMA Pro Racing, now presented by Moto America and new for 2016 WERA. We also have a history of participating in vintage sports car events such as the "Mitty" with HSR, and since 2016 with SVRA. At these events past champions, celebrity riders and collectors are encouraged to take out the historic bikes and put them through their paces again for today's race fans. If you have such a bike and would like to see it run again in its environment, contact Bill Brown at 404-379-6091.