New Frontier Alloys: Featuring the air-cooled aluminum engines from the 1960’s. Generally the bikes will be air-cooled with wire wheels and twin shocks. The design had to be in production by 1971. Displacement is limited to 750cc. Examples are Norton Manx, Triumph twins, BSA Rocket 3, Honda SOHC and DOHC models, Yamaha 2 stroke twins, Ducati Singles, and their period competition.

Unlimited Strokers: The big bikes from the AMA and the Formula 1 TT championships. Air-cooled four strokes up to 1100cc and water-cooled 2 strokes up to 750cc in tube frames. The design had to be in production by 1982. Examples include TZ750, TR750, KR750, GS1100, CB1100, KZ1100, FJ1100 and their period competition.

LC Superbikes: the beginning of the modern superbike era with liquid-cooled four strokes and new frame designs.

Carb Division: 1983 – 1991 and like design. Examples include Honda Interceptors and NSR, Yamaha FZ, FZR and YZR, Suzuki GSXR and RG, Kawasaki ZXR, Ducati Superbikes and period completion with carburetors. Gran prix machines such as Honda RS and Yamaha TZ.

Injected Division: Bikes using fuel injection whose designs were in existence by 2005. Displacement is limited to 1000cc. Examples include descendants of the above division plus Honda CBR series and Yamaha R series as well as their period completion including gran prix bikes.

Featured Class: Collector’s Champions Cup

Past champions will be invited to ride their old race bikes that are now in private collections on an “as available” basis.


Participants and machines will be performance indexed if they do not fit reasonable well into the intended class.

Additional classes will be added if interest warrants.