Motorcycles and Equipment

This is a collector club, not a competition league, which runs exhibition laps at speed on race tracks. As such our standards are less stringent than racing associations, but more stringent than street riding organizations. These standards address the varied collections from homologated versions of the super bikes, which were delivered in street legal trim, to vintage racers which predated modern innovations like belly pans.

Motorcycle Requirements

  1. All bikes must pass technical inspection prior to admittance to the track. If your bike does not pass tech inspection, you will only be allowed to exhibit as a static display. It is your responsibility to have your bike properly prepared.
  2. Tires and brakes must be in good condition. Tires should be at least 50%+ of new condition. Tires may be either DOT high performance or slicks.
  3. All machines must have an operational handlebar mounted kill switch/button and self-closing throttle in good working condition.
  4. All valve stems must have caps. Wheel balance weights must be well secured.

Items to be removed

 1. Mirrors

 2. License plates

 3. Center stands

4. Turn signals (flush mounted types may be taped over)

Items to be taped or removed or restrained

1. All glass headlights, tail lights (unplugged) and plastic lenses must be taped over or removed.

2. All riders must use plain water, or a non-glycol based coolant if the bike will be exhibited on the track. Motul, Red Line & VP all make a non-glycol based solution that may be used (i.e. Water Wetter).

3. Side stands and kick starters may be retained if restrained in a manner considered safe by the technical inspector.

Items to be safety wired

1. Oil drain plugs

2. Oil filter

3. Oil filler caps

4. All safety wire requirements per WERA or AHRMA are encouraged.

5. Belly pans per WERA and AHRMA are encouraged.

Rider Equipment Requirements

  1. Damage free DOT or SNELL full-face helmet with face shield.
  2. Riding boots that fully cover the ankle.
  3. Gauntlet style gloves with full wrist coverage.
  4. One or two piece leathers. Two piece leather suits must zip together. Back protectors are strongly recommended.