HMGP is a collector club. The mission of the organization is to promote the preservation of historic roadracing motorcycles. In addition to static displays, a vital part of the program is to stage exhibitions at speed. The natural venue for a race bike is the race track. The only way to fully appreciate the machine is to see and hear it at speed.  These exhibitions are not races, nor are they practice for races. The exhibitions may be in different formats: sprint, endurance or Irish handicap. Trophies or prizes may be awarded to the winners of these exhibitions. No points are awarded and there is no championship system.

The criteria used to decide who wins these prizes are:

On track performance credits:

Lap times,

Relative position to others in class,

Safe and courteous riding,

Improved performance, and

Performance surpassing that expected from the machine.

Off track credits:

Quality of preservation efforts,

Unique project,

History explained in displays,

Assistance in achieving HMGP’s mission, and

Sportsmanship toward fellow participants.

The judges may use any combination of the above elements to select the winners. There is no protest system. The essential definition of a “winner” is a person who rides back to the paddock uninjured and in good humor on an undamaged bike to share the experience with fellow participants and fans.